Introduction to Wired Gum Paste Flowers

intro to wired gp flowersThis class will cover the basics of and also expand your knowledge of using gum paste to create life-like flowers. Learn how to make exquisite wired flowers: the popular rose, classic hydrangea, and the tropical hibiscus. Because we are learning new flowers, this class will also expand on skills learned in Course 4.

This is a 2 session, 2 1/2 hour (each session) class for only $20
Skill Level: Completed Course 3 recommended
Supplies Included: No

Supply List
Wilton Supplies:
• Gum Paste Flowers Cut-Outs Set (the new 2015 set)
• Florist Wire & Tape
• Flower Shaping Foam
• Flower Stamen Assortment
• Tapered Spatula
• Fondant Roller
• Dust-N-Store Dusting Pouch
• Flower Impression Set
• Gum Paste Storage Board
• Flower Drying Rack of Wave Flower Former
• 3 Pc. Fondant Starter Tool Set (ball tool, knife tool)
• 2 Pc. Modeling Stick Set
• 5 Pc. Decorating Brush Set
• Ready-To-Use Gum Paste
• Icing Colors: Moss Green, optional additional colors for flowers (rose, hydrangea, hibiscus)

Optional Supplies:
• Pearl Dust of Color Dust Edible Accents (any color of choice)
• Dusting Brush Set

Additional Supplies Needed from Home:
• Apron
• Small bottle of water (squeeze bottle recommended)
• Cornstarch
• Solid white vegetable shortening
• 12 in. x 12 in. x 6 in. cake box (or box of similar size for transporting flowers)
• Craft foam block (4 in. or 5 in. long x 2 in. wide x 2 in. high)
• Styrofoam cup (8 oz. or 9 oz. size)
• 2 large straight pins (pearl head pins)
• Drinking straw
• Toothpicks
• Paper napkins or paper towels
• Scissors
• Disposable cloth or paper towels
• Wire cutters
• Needle nose pliers
• Plastic wrap
• Damp cloth in plastic bag
• Gallon size plastic bags for cleanup
• Small (1-2 oz.) covered container or cup for gum glue adhesive

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