Class Supplies for Course 4

How to Get Ready For Each Lesson of Course 4…

Please arrive a few minutes before the class start time to unpack, set up and organize your work area. We will also use this time to answer questions, discuss issues, and check icing consistencies.

As a courtesy please set your cell phone to vibrate or turn it off.

You are welcome to bring food or drink to class. The drinking fountain and restrooms are located across the hall from the classroom.

The sinks in the classroom and restrooms are for hand washing and getting water only. Solids, such as cake and icing, will clog them.

Write your name & phone number in your Student Guide. If you accidentally leave your book at the store that will make it easy to reunite you with it!


Bring to each lesson:
• Your Course 4 Lesson Plan (book) and contents of your Course 4 Student Kit
• Plastic bags to bring home your used decorating supplies.
• Apron, pen, sticky notes
• Plastic tablecloth to cover your workspace (optional)
• Reusable, disposable cloths (dampened) for cleanup
• 2 plastic cups (about 8-10 oz. size)
• 2 foam cups (about 8-10 oz. size)
• Scissors, toothpicks, tape, paper napkins or paper towels
• Small container for gum glue adhesive (about 4 oz. size)
Gum paste storage board and practice board (or you can use 2 practice boards from courses 1, 2, & 3
Wilton 10 piece gum paste & fondant tool set (recommended, but optional)
• Needle-nose pliers*
• White vegetable shortening
• Container(s) to carry home your flowers
*Note:  Make sure the needle-nose pliers you pick up for this class also have a wire cutter in the middle. Only use clean pliers for this class. If you need help picking out a pair of pliers, please see Emily before class.

Course 4, Lesson 1
∼ Bring everything listed on the syllabus (also listed on page 5 of your Student Guide).

• Don’t forget to bring in a container to transport home your flowers.  Use soft foam, paper napkins/paper towels or facial tissues to help cushion your flowers. 
• We will use the flower drying rack in this lesson.
• If you already have a filled dusting pouch from a previous class, please bring it with you. Re-fill if necessary.
• Leave the cutters in the plastic tray that is in the kit box. This tray will help protect the cutting edge, keeping it sharp and preventing damage to the cutters.
• If you choose not to get the 10 piece gum paste & fondant tool set, bring the veining tool, ball tool, and modeling stick from Course 3. You will also want the thin modeling stick for this course. It is available for purchase with the thick modeling stick as a 2 piece modeling stick set.
• To keep the wires from getting mixed up, only cut off the top edge of the bag they come in (the bag is also labeled with the gauge of the wire). When you pack the wires for transport, roll the bag and place it in a small zip top bag to keep the wires from slipping out.
• We will use the neon fondant to color your gum paste in the class. During that time, I will give you the suggested amounts of fondant to use.

Course 4, Lesson 2
 ∼ Bring everything listed on page 13 of your Student Guide.

• Don’t forget to bring in a container(s) to transport home your flowers. 
• As homework before this lesson, you will need to color some of your gum paste with juniper green icing color. Make sure you color this at home or arrive early enough before class that you have time to color it.
• Bring the wave flower formers from the Course 2 kit. If you did not take Course 2, you can purchase the formers in the store.
• You will also need a 2 inch forming cup to use when we make the briar rose.

Course 4, Lesson 3
 ∼ Bring everything listed on page 13 of your Student Guide.

• We will use the flower drying rack in this lesson.
• Make sure to pick up some Wilton color dusts – deep pink, goldenrod, lime green & spruce green.  We will use them to add beautiful color to our flowers in this lesson.
• Bring in all of your previously made sweet pea centers, briar roses, leaves (both the lily and ivy leaves), and blossoms. We will be applying color to all of these.
• The decorating brush sets are perfect for applying colors to gum paste flowers! You will want either the 5 piece or 7 piece set.
• You may need to pick up some extra gum paste wire and tape so that you can make all the flowers for your final arrangement.

Course 4, Lesson 4
 ∼ Bring everything listed on Page 27 of your Student Guide. 

• Make sure to wrap the wires of all your flowers and leaves with half-size floral tape at home and bring them to class wrapped & ready to use. We will not have time to both wrap the wires and color the flowers.
• Bring all of the flowers and petals you made in Lesson 3, with the wires wrapped, so we can color them with the color dusts.
• Bring all of the flowers, petals, and leaves you need to make your final arrangement. There won’t be a cake in this class, just an arrangement of flowers.
• Pick up a pack of Wilton Extra-Fine Tip FoodWriters.  They are used for fine details on the stargazer lily.
• Don’t forget to bring in your color dusts!

Looking for more cake ideas with techniques taught in this course?  Check out!

Remember, practicing at home reinforces what you learn in class and makes YOU a better decorator!


I want all my students to have the best Wilton class experience possible, and your feedback is welcome!  If there is anything you would like to tell me about this class – what you liked, anything you didn’t like—or something you would like to see added to future classes that you want me to pass along to Wilton – please email me, mention this class (Course 4) and your feedback.