Frequently Asked Questions

Wilton classes are fun and informative, and you’ll be amazed with how much you’ll learn!  You’ll learn how to make fantastic cakes from start to finish.  Decorating techniques start at a beginner level in Course 1 and go all the way up to advanced gum paste skills in Course 4!  Even if you have taken Wilton classes before, or have decorated cakes on your own, now is a great time to brush up on your skills or learn some new skills!  There are four main Wilton Cake Decorating Classes, which are: 

Course 1 – Building Buttercream Skills

Course 2 – Flowers and Cake Design

Course 3 – Gum Paste and Fondant

Course 4 – Advanced Gum Paste Flowers

Here are some common questions about classes.

Q: Where do you hold your Wilton classes?
A: I teach my classes at Michaels in Springfield, Missouri. The store is located at 1840 E Independence St. The class room is located at the back of the store to the right of the framing counter in the hallway with the restrooms. There are enough tables and chairs to accommodate a class of 10. The room is equipped with a sink, although you will not be able to wash your tools in it, it is for hand washing only. In the winter the class room is cold and during the summer it can be hot, so please dress appropriately.

Q: How many sessions is the course?
A: When you register for a Wilton Course you are signing up for a 4-week long course. We meet once a week for 4 weeks, the same day and time each week. Each lesson is 2 hours long. The tuition fee covers all 4 lessons. The courses rotate monthly, with each course following the previous one on the same day and time. Project classes are either one or two-session classes. The descriptions for each class will tell you how many sessions the class is.

Q: How and when do I register for class?
A: The earlier you can pay and register for class the better. You will need to register either in the store or online at least 24 hours in advance. I will contact every student the day before class begins to confirm the day and time. I have noticed over the years, that people wait to see if anyone else is signing up, so no one registers and then they are disappointed when it gets cancelled. So register as soon as you’re interested.

Q: There is a class on the calendar on this site I want to take, but I can’t find it on the Michaels website. Why is this and what can I do?
A: The Michaels website has the classes listed only a month ahead, whereas my calendar may be filled in several months in advance. Sometimes classes will change, but if there is a class you want to take that is not on the Michaels website, you can go in to the store to register. If it is on my calendar, there will be a registration sheet for that class in the registration book at Michaels.

Q: What is the cost of classes?
A: Tuition for the 4-week courses is regularly $45; however, Wilton allows Michaels to offer the classes at a discount. Most generally the fee is $20-$25, depending on the discount being offered at the time. You can check the Michaels website to see the current class special. Project classes have individual tuition costs based on complexity and length of class. For all 4-week courses and project classes, students will also need to purchase supplies.

Q: What will I spend on supplies?
A: Supplies can be costly, but I encourage students to spread their purchases out and to make good use of coupons. Michaels offers store coupons via the weekly ad, emails, and the free Michaels app for your smart phone. Don’t forget to bring your syllabus with you to use the bar code at the bottom to get 10% off your total class purchase.

Student kits are available for each of the 4 week courses; it is strongly recommended that each student purchases one of these kits. The retail cost of each kit is $34.99, and it will include almost all of the supplies needed. However, Wilton is unable to put absolutely everything a student may need into the kit. Each course will introduce optional tools and supplies that will make decorating easier/more convenient. In these cases, I will always recommend the Wilton Brand, but I do not require you use Wilton product. The total cost of supplies will depend on your level of interest and your personal choice of supplies. For those that want to spend the minimum amount possible, I will tell you which tools and supplies are necessary and which are optional.

Here are the complete course syllabuses, which list EVERYTHING you’ll need to bring to your course, broken down into each week:
Course 1: Building Buttercream Skills
Course 2: Flower and Cake Design
Course 3: Gum Paste and Fondant
Course 4: Advanced Gum Paste Flowers
Project classes: Supplies will vary by course.  Please visit the page for each project class to see the class syllabus

Q: Do I need to bake my own cakes and cupcakes in order to take a course?
A: You do not have to bake your own cakes or cupcakes to take a Wilton Method Course (although you must bring cupcakes and cakes to the class to decorate). Many grocery bakeries will allow you to purchase undecorated, plain cakes and cupcakes. Just be sure to specify the size that is recommended in your course syllabus.

Q: I won’t be able to make the first lesson. Can I join the following week?
A: The first session of any of the courses has vital information that should not be missed. If you are unable to attend the first lesson, I recommend you sign up for the following month’s class. If your absence is last minute, you can join in during the second lesson or we can arrange to have you join another class if your schedule allows.

Q: I signed up for class at one location, but now I’d like to take it at a different location. Can I transfer my class registration?
A: I cannot transfer students from one location to another. If you register at a different Michaels location or a different store altogether, you will need to get a refund from the other location and register at the Michaels in Springfield. Class tuition is sometimes non-refundable unless the class is cancelled; you will need to check with the store for details.

Q: What happens if the class I registered for is cancelled?
A: If the class is cancelled, there are 3 options. First, we can see if another class in the same month will work with your schedule. Next, if you are willing to wait, we can keep your information and transfer it to the next month’s class. Or you can collect a refund with your receipt. I do need to have 4 paid students attend the first session. If you are unable to make the first session you must let me know as soon as possible.

Q: Can I bring my house guest next week to class?
A: All persons in the classroom must have a paid registration to attend a class. Sorry, but Wilton and Michaels do not allow for people to sit in on a class. Also, the other students have paid their tuition to be in the classroom, and it wouldn’t be fair to them to have a student join, even for just one lesson, that did not pay. There is no partial tuition for the class. There is a window in the classroom your friend is welcome to observe the class from.

Q: My child is 13, can they take the class?
A: Children under 14 who wish to take the class need to have an adult registered to take the class with them. The class is very fast paced and I have found students younger than 14 have a hard time keeping up and need the extra adult to help them out with the preparation work in class. Those students over 14 may still need the extra help getting their icing bags filled, but the adult does not need to be present for the entire class. Students under the age of 12 should first consider taking one of the kids’ decorating classes I offer. These single session project classes are for kids ages 8-12.

Q: A group of us would like to take the class but the times and days you have are not suitable for us, what do you recommend?
A: If your group is 4 or more, I am willing to put a class on especially for you. As long as the classroom is available, I am happy to accommodate you and your group.

Q: I don’t have a babysitter; can I bring my child to class? My friend is interested in cake decorating/I have a house guest next week, can I bring her along?
A: Children and other guests are not allowed in the classroom. All persons in the classroom must have a paid registration to attend a class. It wouldn’t be fair to the students that paid their registration fee to have a student that has not paid join class, even for just one lesson. There is no partial tuition for the class. If you know someone who is unsure about whether or not they want to take a class, please put them in touch with me so I can explain the class options, or tell them about any upcoming demonstrations they may be able to attend to see what kinds of things they will learn in class. There is also a window in the classroom your friend can observe from to see if they would like to take class in the future.

Q: Can I take Course 2 – Flowers and Cake Design, Course 3 – Gum Paste and Fondant, or Course 4 – Advanced Gum Paste Flowers without first taking Course 1 – Building Buttercream Skills course?
A: Wilton recommends students take Course 1 – Building Buttercream Skills as a prerequisite to the other courses. You do not have to take the classes in immediate succession. If you took Course 1 a while ago and now want to move on to the other classes, you may. Since the curriculum changed in May of 2014, you can use the Student Lesson Plan books as a guide to help you decide how to proceed. If it has been a few years since you took a course, you may want to sign up for Course 1 as a refresher and also learn the new skills being taught currently.

Q: I plan on making a wedding cake soon, which class should I take?
A: The Course 1 – Building Buttercream Skills and the Tall Cakes classes are the best choices if you plan to make a buttercream wedding cake. If you plan on using fondant on the wedding cake then the Course 3 – Gum Paste and Fondant Class would be useful too. If your schedule allows, taking all 4 courses will give you more diversity in decorating techniques and flower making. I highly recommend the Tall Cakes Class to learn how to stack and transport the wedding cake.

Q: What happens if there is bad weather and roads are closed?
A: In the case of bad weather, such as heavy snow or ice on the roads, I will contact all students to cancel class for the day. The next time we meet, we will work out a time/day to make-up the class.

Q: Once I take Wilton courses, can I count on being hired as a cake decorator?
A: When students complete each course, they receive a certificate of completion, but this does not constitute certification or endorsement of skills. Skills are not graded and students do not pass/fail the courses. If you are interested in acquiring work as a cake decorator, most stores will likely look favorably upon candidates that have taken instruction, but the best way to find work as a cake decorator is to practice and hone your skills. The best chance at employment as a cake decorator is the ability to show a variety of skills and creativity in piping, fondant, gum paste, etc.

QWhere can I find ideas for projects to use my new skills?
A: Wilton is constantly updating their online database of recipes and design ideas. The Wilton Yearbook is another great source of hundreds of design ideas. You can purchase it online or at many local retailers in the decorating aisle. You can also find ideas from the Wilton decorating team on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and on In addition, over 4,000 decorating ideas are organized and searchable in the free Wilton Cake Ideas & More App which is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Q: Where can I share my cakes and ideas?
A: Wilton loves to see their students’ putting their decorating skills to work and sharing their creations with each other. You can share your Course cake photos on Pinterest – or share them on my Facebook page. We encourage you to post pictures of your decorated baked goods and ideas for recipes, designs and potential course topics.

Q: But, I have other questions!
A: That’s good! Please contact me through my Facebook pagevia email, my website or through Michaels. I’m only too happy to answer any questions you have about my classes. I’m here to help.